Do you have a complaint...

You can file a complaint if you are not satisfied with your contact with the Alles Oké? Supportlijn. We feel it’s important to hear from you about what we can do better. You don’t have to tell us who you are.

... or a compliment?

We love to hear those, too! Let us know what we’re doing well.


Anyone who has been in contact with us can file a complaint or give us a compliment. But it’s also possible for someone else to do so on your behalf, if you find that difficult to do.

What about?

Your complaint or compliment can relate to contact over the phone or in the chat. But also about the website or something different.

What do you need to do?

Do you have a complaint? Send us an email at Do you want to share a compliment with us? You can do so by sending us an email at Please note! When you email us, we can see the email address you use, which means you are no longer anonymous.

If you want to tell us about something that happened during a phone call or in a chat conversation, you need to describe what happened and what it is that you are happy or unhappy about. It’s important that you explain this well, so we can understand what happened and how we can best deal with your complaint.

What happens to your complaint?

An employee of the Alles Oké? Supportlijn will read your complaint. This employee will investigate what’s going on. It’s possible that this employee discusses your complaint with other employees, so they can take a good decision about your complaint together. If you have requested a response, you will receive one within four weeks.

What happens if you don’t agree with our response?

You can let us know by answering our email. We will then have the Alles Oké? Supportlijn management read your complaint and we will let you know what the management decides regarding your complaint. Then, you will receive another response from us within four weeks.

What happens to your compliment?

We share your compliment with all employees of the Alles Oké? Supportlijn, so everyone will know what we are doing well and what we should keep doing.