The Alles Oké? Supportlijn is available to anyone in the Netherlands aged 18 through 24. Our chat and phone lines are operated by trained volunteers who offer you a sympathetic ear. You can truly discuss anything. During the conversation, it’s important that:

  • We can hear you well
  • You are focused on the conversation
  • You treat our volunteers respectfully

If you break our house rules multiple times, you will get a time-out. After receiving a time-out, you won’t be able to reach us for 24 hours. When you receive multiple time-outs, you will be blocked for a longer period.

In short: you can discuss anything with the volunteers of the Alles Oké? Supportlijn. We do ask that you treat us with respect, as we treat you respectfully as well.


We cannot see your contact information. Conversations with the Alles Oké? Supportlijn are 100% confidential. This means that we won’t share anything you tell us with anyone, except when you tell us it’s okay to do so. We don’t know who you are, and you don’t have to tell us. Your phone bill won’t show our calls and we can’t see your phone number or internet address. We can see, however, whether you have contacted the Alles Oké? Supportlijn before and if so, how many times. Do you want to know more about privacy? Please look at our Privacy Statement.

Maximum of four conversations per day

Because we want to be available to as many people as possible, you can contact the Alles Oké? Supportlijn channels up to four times per day. When you have reached the maximum, we are happy to welcome you back the following day. This way, we can be easily reached by anyone who wants to speak with us, every day.