In this privacy statement, we explain how we deal with your personal data and what your rights are. When you contact the Alles Oké? Supportlijn (Everything Alright? Support Line) by phone or through the chat, we process your personal data. When doing so, we operate according to the following principles.

The Alles Oké? Supportlijn is part of De Kindertelefoon. Anywhere Alles Oké? Supportlijn is mentioned, it is interchangeable with De Kindertelefoon.


  1. We only process the personal data necessary for us to carry out our tasks. Unnecessary personal data is not recorded or is deleted.
  2. We do not process more personal data than necessary and data with which individuals can be identified is deleted as much as possible. This is called pseudonymization. This means that it is virtually impossible to discover your identity through the data we record.
  3. We use anonymized sets of data for socially relevant research. This means that we will have deleted all data with which your identity could be discovered prior to making data available for research.
  4. The Alles Oké? Supportlijn has information security policies to ensure that your personal data is safe. This means, among other things, that we have taken many security measures to prevent your data from getting into the hands of people who are not authorized to access it. Regardless, should an incident occur, we will, in line with the provisions from the General Data Protection Regulation, report it to the Dutch Data Protection Authority and, if possible, to you.
  5. The Alles Oké? Supportlijn uses IT suppliers for its technology. We ensure that these suppliers, in principle, have no access to your data and we have entered into Data Processing Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements with all suppliers.

Your rights

You have the right to:

  1. Ask us to show you and/or transfer to you the data we have recorded on you.
  2. Object to us storing this data and to ask us to delete this data.

These rights are not absolute. The Alles Oké? Supportlijn will process your query and respond as quickly as possible, within one month, to let you know how we will deal with your query. The Alles Oké? Supportlijn can extend this period by two months if your query is very complex or if we have many queries to deal with. We will inform you about this. Finally, you can always file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Should you have any questions about this privacy statement, or if you would like make use of your rights, you can send an email to stating the word “privacy”. There is a difference between the data we record when you contact the Alles Oké? Supportlijn over the phone or by chat. We provide information on how we treat data specifically applied to ‘calls’ and ‘chat’ below.


When you call us, we automatically process your phone number. In addition, we process the time and date of the conversation, your age, and the topic of discussion. This data is necessary for us to monitor and improve our quality and services.

Phone calls are not recorded.

Your phone number is not visible to the volunteer you are calling with. Conversations with the Alles Oké? Supportlijn are 100% confidential. This means that we won’t share anything you tell us with anyone, except when you tell us it’s okay to do so. We don’t know who you are, and you don’t have to tell us. Your phone bill won’t show our calls and our volunteers cannot see your phone number. Our volunteers can see, however, whether you have contacted the Alles Oké? Supportlijn before and if so, how many times.

Volunteers and supervisors of the Alles Oké? Supportlijn who supervise volunteers, sometimes listen along to conversations for performance and training purposes.

If you cuss at our volunteers or break our conversation rules multiple times, you will receive a Time Out. After multiple Time Outs, you can be blocked for 3 months by an authorized employee of the Alles Oké? Supportlijn. You will be informed of this and when you contact us again, you will get a message stating that you have been blocked.

Call retention periods

We store phone numbers in our phone system for 6 months, after which they are pseudonymized. Pseudonymous data is not or virtually not attributable to individual people.


When you chat with us, we automatically process the IP address used by your computer, tablet, or phone to connect to the internet. The volunteer who chats with you cannot see this IP address.

Your contact information is invisible to us. Chat conversations with the Alles Oké? Supportlijn are 100% confidential. This means that we won’t share anything you tell us with anyone. We don’t know who you are, and you don’t have to tell us. Volunteers are able to see whether you have contacted the Alles Oké? Supportlijn before, and if so, how many times.

During the chat conversation with the volunteer of the Alles Oké? Supportlijn, you could give information about yourself or others which could make it possible to discover your identity or those of others. For example, if you tell us in which neighborhood you live or which sport club you belong to. Volunteers are instructed to delete such information from the chat conversation.